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Continued Success Requires Taking Control of What You Can

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Remember the old adage “Tough times don’t last, but tough people do”?

You’re not alone if you feel the world around you seems spinning out of control. If things are totally out of your hands, the best thing you can do, to keep your sanity and life successfully running, is to have the words “focus, focus, focus” as a mantra.

Guaranteed. Life, the world, business will present us regularly with changes and challenges we weren’t expecting. Nor do we appreciate. But focusing on what you can’t control, during those times, will likely make you angry. Deplete your energy and confidence. Making it difficult to function or make good decisions.

Not only that, it can cause a nose-dive into a cycle of negativity. Which you’ll end up struggling long and hard to dig yourself out of. In the process erasing some, or all, of the success you’ve achieved. 

When unique or trying times arrive, try not to panic. Not only will it compromise a business, it can easily transfer to your family, the very people who depend upon your stability and rely on your good judgment.

Here are five strategies for staying focused on what you can control:

1. Seriously review and justify all business and family expenses.

2. Stick with networking. Chatting and interacting with those who understand, or experiencing something similar, helps relieve tension. You are relaxed when you arrive home.

3. Continue participating in school, sports, church, and other functions and activities. Generally they will transport you into positive, exciting environments and can even lessen or eliminate stress. Attend them on a regular basis, and the joy they bring can help your family sustain itself emotionally through unique times. 

4. If you have a business, reach out to customers. Prepare and send out a chatty newsletter. Acknowledge the rough times they may also be experiencing, but keep things upbeat.

5. Unique times often allow us to work on ourselves or business, and to spend quality time with family. With that in mind—take walks, go to the park, jog, run. Read an uplifting or business book. Work out. Take a class. Do research for a new business. Start writing that book. Complete projects set aside. Organize family events. Spend some quiet time with yourself. Reorganize your business.

Bottom line: Don’t allow yourself to get so caught up in outside events you end up stuck and unable to function. Instead, turn difficult times upside down to create something positive. In fact, think of this as a time of rebirth. Rethink what counts, or matters most, to you, your family, and business. Recreate or redevelop your life and/or business. Focusing on what you can control allows you to take the bull by the horns and emerge from unsettling times happier and more successful than ever.


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