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Well, today didn’t start out very well. Went to work and found out that our company has put “us” up for sale. That could be good and that could be bad. Maybe a larger company will buy us out, invest lots of money, and we grow profusely! OR maybe someone will buy us and sell us piece lot. OR buy us, bring in their own staff, and let us all go … We won’t know for quite a while as these things take time.

So, now the staff is really bummed out. Does the company think that we are going to be excited to come in to work now? Do they think that most people are going to worry about doing great jobs, or do their jobs at all? The sentiment so far seems to be the latter. And, oh yes, I forgot to mention—we just came out of bankruptcy earlier this year after four years of agonizing over lost profits, higher fuel costs, a union party takeover (which didn’t happen), etc. I started to work with the company just as they filed bankruptcy. I (and most of us) really worked hard and our spreadsheets show that we are a profitable company once again.

But, what are you going to do? Working for any corporation these days is hard. The world has changed. For me, prices are soaring—there’s healthcare, a mortgage payment, groceries, utilities (which just went up again), car payment, and an eighteen-year-old starting college this fall, and on and on it goes.

I know most of us are in this same position. I just pray harder, stay close to family (mine is extremely close), and try to laugh out loud a lot!

Now that I’ve vented I know I’ll feel better. There’s just something about venting; it truly is medicinal. Need to vent? Send me a reply—you won’t believe how much better you’ll feel.



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