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Define Yourself Life Coaching

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I was blessed with positive parents. My mom and dad always reinvented themselves as they encountered new inspirations, ideas, and acquaintances. Their optimistic energy and way of living have been guiding forces for me and have given me the freedom to explore my full potential!

After four years of college and my first job as a U.S. communication sales manager in Chicago, I realized my potential was not being fulfilled. I felt like my creativity and authenticity of who I am were not being utilized, therefore leaving me unsatisfied and wanting more.

My husband, Jade, and I have been avid travelers who find fresh inspirations and embrace new cultural ways of living. Our favorite destinations are Italy, France, and New York City! We enjoy incorporating new ideas into our daily life and trying to break out of every day routines to make each day count.

After becoming a proud mother of two children, my passion and creativity exploded and led me to design a handbag collection and, recently, a vintage jewelry line. I was amazed at all of the people who approached me asking, “How do you do it all?” and “I wish I could do something creative!” My creative accomplishments not only rewarded me but also inspired others. I felt enormous gratification in helping others find their potential. I wondered if I could make a career out of helping people find their full potential and high talent.

I researched life coaching programs and the International Coaching Federation (ICF), which lead me to the New York University’s Coaching Program. I have been amazed at my personal growth and self-awareness through the program. As a trained coach, I know that everyone can take the journey to define themselves and truly live their own unique, authentic lives.


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