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Embracing Change

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After ten years of working from home, and raising my sons, I've just had a job offer to return to the corporate workforce. What at first seemed like dream timing-- my youngest now in high school, my oldest two in college--now seems a frightening prospect the closer my decision comes. How will I handle the day to day? Will my family really pitch in as they are now generously offering? Will we dissolve under the pressure or will we pull together? I'm ready to make a change but are they ready for me to do it more than just theoretically? My husband is older and looking toward retirement in five years, whereas I have another ten years to go. I could certainly contribute a great deal more to our retirement if I accept this job. Working from home has had many intangible benefits, but a steady income from my sales job, which is all commission, is not one of them. I know that in this economy I could be laid off, but having done sales for ten years gives me the comfort that I could do it again if this doesn't work out. As I write, I feel myself coming to terms with my decision. I should move forward. I should put my questions aside, for they are turning into unresolvable worries. I should embrace change.


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