Enlightenment of Us

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In today’s world, where I find almost everyone fretting over one professional course or another, it is really hilarious to find that even after getting into all the itty gritties of which profession is the best of all, one is found mismatched or disinterested in one’s field.

This is because every individual comes with diverse interests and to streamline one over other interests becomes quite difficult for him or her. You will surely be pleased to hear this story of mine.

In college, when most of my mates were enjoying life at the corners of the canteens, the so-called nerds like me were killing ourselves in library among the herd of books that we tried hard to make sense out of. At the end, sense they made, as I was declared at the top of my subject and walked out of college with a head held high. Little did I know at that point of time that there is a cruel world waiting for us that is different in its ideologies and has no value for our concept of “hard work pays.” One that believed that no matter how hard-working you are at getting the best of ranks, what really matters at the end of the days is that smart moves work even better.

Me and one of the mediocre friends of mine walked out of college on our final day with me brimming with confidence and he with many things in mind. In other words, I was focused and he was explorative in nature. As the time passed, I had to really work harder at getting the best jobs that suited my nature and he tried to suit to what paid more.

Today, at the end of this rat race, I am stuck being the least paid job-holder, whereas he is working at a top notch company holding an authoritative position and enjoying all that he wants to. I’m still struggling to make both ends meet.

Now from this story of mine, what do you gather?

Yes, indeed—you have to be smart at your moves, even if you are focused. It’s only the blend of these things that gives you the best results.

I hope you like my true confession.


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