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For two years, I have watched with humor as my peers stay up all night studying for finals. This is finals week at my school and to be honest, I have studied for a grand total of almost an hour. I have made it my goal to take a full load each semester and I never worry about finals. It is not because I can just walk in and make an A. I was an A student in high school without trying at all, but college takes a little effort. I could make straight As if I didn’t want to have a somewhat normal life, but I am okay with Bs. Sometimes I study, but mostly not.

I always enjoy watching people during this week of testing, though. They mostly have dark circles under their eyes and many are wired on caffeine or disgusting energy drinks. I indulge in neither of these. My stepdad swore to me that I would grow to love coffee. I will not lose that challenge. As it is now, I hate the substance and I can easily stay awake without it. Now if I was fifty and going to school instead of twenty, I might need a little help.

Reflecting on my first semester of college, I might have worried a little about finals simply because they were a foreign entity to me. Even with this new challenge though, I didn’t worry enough to crack open all of my books and kill myself trying to learn things that I probably should have started studying months ago. My peers sit around me, chatting anxiously about how difficult the test will be and what they have to make to do well in the class. My approach? Be anxious about all the tests leading up to the final so that you can relax. I could have made a 31 on my final in Spanish and come out with a B. I decided to not leave half of the test blank and made a 68 with little to no effort.

My favorite quote this year was when I said, “You have to commit to not caring.” I didn’t realize how funny it would be when it came out until the entire class started laughing. And then I said it to myself again and the irony hit. But it was a true statement. Many people claim that they don’t care, but they will be seen flipping through their notes like madmen just before the exams. I sit there calmly and remain happy that I have committed to not caring, at least for finals week.



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