Flexibility at Work: Six Women Who’ve Found the Holy Grail

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Women don’t necessarily want to work less. They just want more control over their hours.

That’s what career coach Nancy Collamer told me, and I think she’s right. DivineCaroline has profiled many career women for a regular feature called “My Gig.” A handful, mostly women working for themselves, have found that sought-after flexibility.

For wallpaper installer Elizabeth Johnson, flexibility means she has time to be an artist and take long vacations when the travel bug bites. For Jasmin Zorlu, a milliner, it means sleeping late occasionally. Children’s clothing designer Stephanie Scarpulla says one of the best things about her job is picking her daughters up from school every day at 3 p.m.

Meet these three woman and a few more with flexible jobs—and find out how they made it where they are.

  • Hat Designer: Jasmin Zorlu
  • Writer: Denise Vega
  • Self-employed Attorney: Kate Lyon
  • Wallpaper Installer: Elizabeth Johnson
  • Wedding Photographer: Andi Hatch
  • Children’s Clothing Designer: Stephanie Scarpulla

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