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Getting out There

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We sure are funny beings. There are times where I just perplex myself (and my husband). You see, for the last twelve months I have been on a mission to create a stay at home business. I have been determined not to commit myself to anything that takes me away from my home office. I have wanted the flexibility of creating my own schedule.

The Tedious Side
Developing this new business requires hours of writing and technical Web site SEO stuff. As I have gone along I have been finding it more and more difficult to stay focused and on schedule. I feel like I have a touch of ADD. I flit from writing, to laundry, to errands, to research, to cooking.

I started to realize I missed getting out in the world. When a trip to the local grocery store starts to feel exciting, it is a sign that something may need to change.

Hence, I decided to start keeping my eye out for an easy, low stress part time job locally. I felt it would create more structure in my life and get me out with people, which I do love.

Within a few weeks the universe just hand me the perfect job almost on a silver platter! I now work in a very professional setting, a few hours a week with people I already know and enjoy being with. I get to do a variety of tasks and love the interaction with the public.

Don’t Sweep it Under the Rug
We can only ignore what isn’t working for us in our lives so long. The longer we sweep it under the rug, the more difficulty it can cause us in our lives. I could have stayed here, struggling with finding balance, and probably would have ended up giving up on the idea of a home based business altogether out of frustration with myself. Now, I have created the balance I needed to be able make the home-based business more of a passion than a job. Do you think that will help me?

Listen to Your Gut!
It all comes down to listening to your gut instincts. I knew it wasn’t working for me the way it was. I could have let my stubborn pride get in the way, not wanting to look like a failure. You see, changing your mind about a path you chose isn’t failing, it can be the most productive thing you can do for yourself.

The most wonderful gift about getting older is we get to know ourselves. When we are young we don’t always listen to our instincts. But as we get older, we realize there were times in our lives where listening to those instincts would have served us.

As Albert Einstein said: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.”

Where are you ignoring your instincts in your life?


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