How to Prepare for an Interview as a Fresh Candidate

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Every year thousands of promising talents walk out of colleges and start looking for a job to fulfill their dreams. Some lucky people get a job through campus interviews and some people need to find a job in the hard way. Are you one of them?

I have a question for you. Why should the interviewer select you for the available position rather than selecting your friend or any other graduate from another college?

You may be saying that you are the best person for that post or you have the best academic record to be selected for that post. However, unless you are appearing for an academician’s posts, the interviewer will definitely look for something more than your academic record.

Say for example, jobs in entertainment industry and jobs in advertisement industry have different requirements. Thus, they will definitely look for different people who can also fulfill those requirements. Again, there are different positions in every organization and that require specific mindset or skills. For example, think about a company that is looking for marketing professionals. Do you really think that they will be very interested in your academic qualification? They will rather look for how well you communicate with another person, or, what you did in your student life other than reading books.

In addition, this is not just about companies. If you think that your academic records are your best assets, that means you will be able to offer better results if you take academics as your career option. In this situation, there is hardly any need for you to go for an interview conducted by an advertising agency. There is hardly any need to mention that you will not be motivated enough to participate in such interviews. Your natural screening will restrict you from applying for those positions.

Some people are conscious about what they want to do and they prepare accordingly. However, some people do not have any specific or clear idea about what they want to do in future. They are often carried away by the opportunities at hand. And by the time their dreams start taking shape, it is often too late for them to prepare.

Anyway, how do you prepare yourself to face an interview board?

Some elements are very common. For example, you must be well dressed (presentable) and must carry a resume at the interview board. However, that is not all. You need to do a lot of things to win the job.

Resume writing: As a fresh candidate, your focus should be on your academic record and extracurricular activities. Write your resume carefully so that it places you as the right candidate for that post. Read the advertisement carefully and prepare the resume accordingly.

Check Company Background: Do some research on the company and types of work they do. This will give you some idea about what they are actually looking for in a prospective employee. Once you get some idea about what they are actually looking for, it will be easy for you to face the interview board comfortably.

Get Some Reference: References or recommendations from renowned people or professionals in the same field will offer some added advantage in the interview. Try to get some recommendations.

Be confident when you appear for the interview and take it seriously.


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