How You Can Get Debt Relief Today

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As I was preparing to write this article, I sat quietly and asked for guidance on the best possibilities to share with you. I believe there are three possibilities to help you get relief, immediately. Use the three practical ideas I gave last time and add these three possibilities to the mix for a sure fire way to get release.

Look for the Seed of Greater Benefit
In every negative situation, even the most absurd or difficult, there is always a seed of equivalent or greater benefit (a concept from Think & Grow Rich). Yet, most times we are so busy focusing our attention on the adversity or failure that we miss the significance of this very concept. If you were to put aside, just for a moment or two, the angst you feel about your debt, what positive outcome may come from you accumulating an uncomfortable balance owed? Be open to what comes from this exercise, it is extremely powerful if you allow it to flow to you. The alternative, of course, is to stay stuck right where you are, and certainly that feels pretty crummy! I know when I personally lost the use of a credit card due to the large outstanding balance on it, it was freeing to no longer even use credit as an option! It opened the doorway to another way to live with my money.

Don’t Give Up—Persistence is the Key!  
I know for many of you a quick fix is what you are hoping for—wishing for it to just be gone—poof!—one morning when you wake up; to have it miraculously disappear! Our society is fixated on “give me a pill, make it go away” behavior and handling debt brings on the same reaction. However, for most of us that is not going to happen no matter how much time you spend on wishing. It’s time to step into a methodical, persistent solution. Don’t give up until your debt is gone. Much like dieting where you find yourself backsliding, you must make a decision that you do not like living with debt and you will not give up until it is paid off!

Ask for Help
For many of you, doing it alone is a dangerous thing. You may try to step into a practiced approach to pay off debt, but before long you are back to old habits. Also, many of you do not know what is the best way to pay off debt. I hear it time and again how you will take extra money and put it on as many cards as you can each month and yet that is the very approach (which I call the “scatter gun” approach) that will keep you in debt forever. The credit card companies LOVE it when you handle your debt in this manner because they know you will be paying them for a long time. I know there are many options for you to get help, however, if you truly want to get out of debt a good support system may be what you need. I offer that very thing, a home study course for which you can begin, and then a monthly support call to help you stay the course of action you choose.

Don’t go it alone. There are too many options out there for you to get help. Much like a person wanting to lose weight, you can do it alone but the greatest success usually comes when you get support, guidance, and regular accountability. 



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