Important Women to Follow on Twitter

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Granted, these lists are not the be-all, end-all and there is always someone missing from the list that you think should be on there, but I think there is also a lot to learn from these women. Forbes magazine has come out with several lists during the past year of women you should be following on Twitter. If you are a woman entrepreneur and involved in social media, there is probably a lot you can learn from these women.

Top Twenty Women Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter

Fourteen Power Women

Thirty Women Entrepreneurs to Follow

Twenty Best-Branded Women on Twitter

WomanzWorld Top Twenty Business Women to Follow on Twitter

Following these women on Twitter will not only help you learn from them by watching what they do, but maybe even gain you more followers. Reply to conversations initiated by important people such as these on Twitter. By getting involved in conversations with important people who have a lot of followers, you will get you noticed on Twitter as well. Also, check out who these women follow on Twitter. Chances are that the people they are following are probably pretty important as well. If you are a woman entrepreneur or a woman just getting started in social media, follow these women, study what they do and why, and start networking.



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