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Increase Your Business by Forming Partnerships

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One thing becomes apparent very quickly to self-employed people—no man (woman) is an island. 

Since we work at home, perhaps ducking out occasionally to the local coffee shop, we solopreneurs lack the spontaneous opportunities for collaboration that happen in traditional workplaces. However if you insist on NEVER working with other people, you will place your business at a severe disadvantage. Why? Because it is through partnerships that you not only expand your marketability (more clients), but also your professional network (more opportunities). This is not to say that you should partner with just anyone. Nor I am suggesting that you permanently partner with any one person or entity. What I am saying is that you can grow your business (revenues) by strategically partnering with individuals or entities that are aligned with the needs and/or concerns of your target audience. 

To find strategic partners, you’ll have to leave your home office to attend some conferences and industry events. Yes, you’ll have to network. Pamela Slim on her blog Escape from Cubicle Nation recently discussed how temporary partnerships called “joint ventures” significantly increased her business opportunities. I can’t think of anything better than working with people whom you respect and like while you’re making money.


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