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Learned Lessons

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I hope my story helps someone not make this mistake. I was lucky someone had told me this could happen and I was prepared for it when it did happen to me. First off, I am a consultant for a direct selling cosmetic company. The name doesn’t matter, but we have use of a website and people can go on their and buy cosmetics from us without even knowing who we are. Well I received an email that said congratulations you have an online customer and the order was for $293. I kind of thought something was fishy when they told me they could not pay by credit card plus the fact that when you do get an online order it usually isn’t that big of an order. I didn’t want to be rude if it was legit so I did nothing just waiting to see if I heard anything more. Well a couple of weeks later I received a check in the mail for $920. I knew it was a scam then so I took it to the bank and asked if they could find out if the check was good or stolen and they told me it was probably bad. They copied the check and sent to their fraud division. A couple of days later I got a call from the bank telling me that it was indeed a bad check. If I had not been warned that it happens to people all of the time I would have been out $920. It was nothing. Thank God. Be careful if you do business online, especially if you don’t know the company. I hope that this story keeps someone from falling for these scams.


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