Looking for Work Again

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I am looking for work again. It seems that is the story of my life. Either I am working, or I am looking for work. It was just two weeks before my twenty-second birthday that I moved out of my parents’ house in Queens, New York. I was still in college, but I had a small inheritance of $5,000 from my maternal grandmother and I was anxious to move out, finish up school and find a job. My first employment was as a file clerk for a small law office. I made a lot of friends there and had fun and liked learning a little bit about law. Then I started working for another small office as an entry level legal secretary for a criminal defense attorney. That was difficult, for I really had a problem watching our clients go to prison, mostly for drug related crimes. I then worked for a personal injury attorney for a couple of years before moving out to northern California. 

I’ve had many jobs since then, mostly in law firms, or the legal departments of companies. It is interesting as now I feel like I know so much about law. However, I just cannot seem to get my little niche where I can say I’ve been at a job five to ten years. And then people start thinking that there must be something wrong with me, if I cannot last long enough to be older than the furniture. 

At my last job, working as a legal secretary for a large law firm, I wanted to go to Greece to visit my friend Dimitra and see her eleven year old son, Nicholas. I also wanted to go to New York to visit my parents. One of the attorneys I was supporting told me that it was impossible for me to go, as he had too much work to do and needed me around. My office manager overrode his comments and told me to go and have a good time. I did go and it was great, and I did have a good time. But, then when I returned, just a few weeks later, my office manager became a bully and eventually fired me. I tend to think that the firm was downsizing and they wanted me out of there. No one stayed with that firm more than a year or two and I was there over two years, so I’m sure I reached my quota. Now, I am looking for work again. 

The hard part is explaining … constantly explaining yourself on an interview, and trying to be excited and bubbly. Interviewing is really all about acting. Love me, love me, love me, is what you want to convey. You want the interviewer to feel that not only will you be an asset to the firm with your skills and enthusiasm, but that you will be a pleasure to work with.  When I attend the theater, I do fall in love with the actors if they can make me want to learn more about them. 

I wish you luck with all your job experiences. I think jobs are just more stories in our lives.



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