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For the Love of Money

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In this day and age, it is hard to imagine that there actually was a time when mankind did not even need a currency to get what he/she needed to survive. But they managed without and never knew what “the love of money” meant.

Nowadays, people are killing one another just to obtain a specially made piece of paper and use it in exchange for goods and services.

The whole world depends on its colorful array of fancy writings, security-embedded tape, familiar past presidential faces, and specified amounts printed on its body. What have we, as a society, become when we are so obsessed with its seductive allure? We allow it to dictate, to us and the whole world, the worthiness of our assets and allow it to define us as a human being. Only so many of these evil masterpieces are allowed to be in circulation so as to keep the balance of the world’s businesses and people from having too much of its influence. We have seen, so clearly, the devastation it has caused by bringing greed and the hunger of materialism into an already materialistic-dependent society.

We depend on its worthiness so much that we allow it to dictate to us who we are among our peers. We use it as a distraction from our true feelings towards our fellow man. We allow the greed and hunger for it, to seep into our hearts and make ourselves numb to what our family, and possible friends, mean to us. Think about it, I have experienced, firsthand, the effects it has on how we are viewed even among our family members. If you are a poor person in your family (whether by choice or chance), you are treated as a homeless man/woman. They act as though you are begging for money out in the streets even though you may or may not already have a job and are trying so hard to support your family in an already unstable economy.

Then you have the “well-off” people who have a steady job, but who have to deal with the rising costs of gasoline, food, nature’s essentials, etc. and even though you are struggling just to make ends meet, you are viewed as being somewhat acceptable. Okay, am I missing something here? Since when do we allow the status of how much money we have in our possession to dictate who we call family or friend and who we call our enemy? Why is the “love of money” taking over our hearts and mind?

No one is better than another person, regardless of how much money you make or how little material possessions you own. We are all equal!  We all are born in our birthday suits, we all wear clothing to cover our natural bodies, we all breathe, we all have feelings (some more so than others). Why is it that people cannot see past the societal standing and become more humane in our treatment towards one another? What are we all afraid of? It’s an age-old question that arises in many of the discussion that I have, personally, taken part in. It’s a mystical riddle that will never be answered unless we fight to discover its answer within our own heart and mind. Soul searching is not complicated. Simply ask yourself this one question: How do I view those who are less fortunate than I am and why? The answer you come up with may very well save you from dwelling on how rich you are compared with your neighbor or family member and it just might open up the doors to some new friendships for you. Families may once again unite and become whole again.

Yes, families have their problems but with money no longer being an issue as to who you love most and who you despise, you all may be able to get through the tougher times together. No family is perfect, expect problems, but know that love is stronger and can overcome any obstacle. Its easier to forgive than to forget. At least if you are mad at a family member for hurting you in any way, shape or form, it is not about how much money they or you have anymore. 

As the Beatles have always told us remains true, “All you need is love.” Love conquers all. Money leaves you devastated and naked, not only physically, but also emotionally. I mean really, what is the value of money compared to that of a human being’s life? Is it really all worth it in the long run?


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