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The MBA Blonde: Blonde Inspiration

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Stephanie Baker was never meant to be your average girl. As a small child, she had dreams that were larger than the city in which she was raised. Whether she would daydream about becoming a famous actress or even a higher-powered attorney, her main goal was one day to rule the world. Throughout her early lifetime, her father was always there for her; giving her whatever she had wanted. She became so spoiled that money never became an object for her. From attending private school to graduating at a top university with a degree in legal studies, she later ventured out to New England and attended law school in a small town in Massachusetts that was approximately thirty minutes from Boston. 

At first, law seemed like her true calling until Stephanie took her first step onto the doors of legal academia. Throughout the first semester, she would consistently ask herself, “What the hell did I get myself into?” In a split second, her whole life changed and she no longer had a whirlwind social life. Attending law school was like being secluded in another world, whereby, her new life revolved around reading all of the time and preparing for the next class. This was definitely not a glamorous life as television has portrayed it to be. There were many times that she felt overwhelmed and extremely lonely. As a result, Stephanie found herself crying occasionally because she was missing her family, friends, and boyfriend back home. Whenever she had the opportunity, she would return home to visit. 

During the second semester of school, her mother had announced to her that her father was diagnosed with a serious illness and would die within the following year. This sudden announcement interfered with her education that she could not concentrate in her studies. By the end of the year, Stephanie Baker made a decision to return home and be with her family. The next day she withdrew herself from law school. Late in that afternoon, she returned back to her condo in tears and wondered to herself, “What am I going to do now?” Even though she was feeling in limbo, Stephanie somehow found the strength within herself to believe that everything was going to turn out all right later on down the road. 

The following week, she packed up her belongings and returned back home to her family. Once she arrived, she immediately took a week off just to reacquaint herself with her hometown. It did not matter to her that the dark roots from her red hair were starting to grow back, or that no one was attempting to call her for a job interview. All she could think of was how wonderful it was to be back.

A few weeks had passed, and Stephanie found herself struggling to seek employment. Within a short time, everything started to fall apart. Her relationship with her boyfriend had eventually ended, and she was starting to run out of money. Her short-term employment as a paralegal in a local law firm had finished by the time the spring season had arrived. As a result of her finances depleting, Stephanie suffered from minor hardship and was forced to take any job to bring back her income. The job market within the legal environment became nonexistent for her, which had her returning into the blue collar world of the retail industry just to get by. 

Once she started to accumulate some cash flow, she consulted a lawyer and filed for bankruptcy. During the summer, she wiped away her debt, made a new circle of friends, and eventually fell head over heels in love before her birthday. The new man that she had met was a film producer, who co-owned a restaurant with his family. For Stephanie, it was definitely love at first sight. He was Latino, dark, and extremely handsome with long hair tied back away from his face. While she stood there in awe, he returned her glance with a sensual smirk. In his mind, she seemed like just a mere cute and flirty girl with reddish hair. When she left the restaurant, she vowed to somehow make an attempt to purposely run into him again. Little did she know that this present meeting would change her world for the rest of her life. As the weeks had passed, she had frequented this restaurant several times just to catch a glimpse of her newfound love interest. It was basically something that she would always look forward to since her world on the other side of the coin was saddened by the illness of her father.

By the early autumn of that same year, she happened to run into him and the two of them became close within a very short time. Stephanie learned that his name was James Diaz, known to everyone as “Jimmy D.,” and that his passion in life was to create the Latino dance show version that was similar to that of Soul Train. He was also producing a rock video show that would air bands around the local city region. In the long run, Jimmy and Stephanie found that they both had similar interests. Not only were they both business savvy, but they were also the siblings of multi-ethnic families. Within a few months, they became hopelessly devoted to one another. It almost seemed like they were together forever, and that their relationship would go on for eternity. 

But during the middle of their relationship, Marla Olivier, a co-worker, became jealous of her friend’s relationship, and started whispering slanderous remarks about Jimmy’s past into Stephanie’s ear. Apparently, Marla was running around town asking about Jimmy Diaz, and purposely trying to break Stephanie away from him. When Stephanie was given this information, she immediately confronted him to find out if everything was actually true. As a result, Jimmy Diaz felt betrayed by Stephanie’s accusations and began to drift away from her. Slowly their unconditional love for one another began to diminish. Stephanie became sad and disillusioned by his behavior since he mentioned consistently to her that he was falling in love and wanted both of them to get married.

When the holiday season had arrived, Stephanie spent the first week in December trying to convince Jimmy that she really cared for him and that it did not matter what others had said about his sordid past. She finally poured her heart out and confessed to him that her only gift she wanted was for him to be with her. He turned to her and replied, “It all sounds wonderful, but it’s never going to happen. All I want is to be successful.” After he declined her request, he broke off their relationship by telling her that he would be busy with his productions all through Christmas and into the following year.

Christmas had arrived, and her turbulent relationship to Jimmy Diaz had abruptly ended. With her father near death and Jimmy no longer around, Stephanie felt sad and isolated. Even with a lot of friends and family members surrounding her, she still felt a deep void within her soul. Then all of a sudden, tragedy had finally turned its ugly head. On New Year’s Eve, her father’s lungs had collapsed and he was taken to the emergency room. The last couple of weeks before his death, Stephanie Baker went bankrupt and was once again alone. She began to see her father’s death as a new beginning. She vowed to make this the year that the old Stephanie Baker would die, and would be reborn as Steffie St. Patrick. Looking up to the sky just like Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind, she promised herself that if she would ever fall, then she would get right up; she would develop a tough exterior and not show any emotion to the outside world; started to believe that the universe was her true friend and would grant all her request at any time; but most of all, convinced herself that nothing is impossible if you just believe in yourself.

On this very day that she had granted herself this wish, the former cute red haired girl transformed her appearance by inspiring herself to become forever blonde and pursue the world of business with a zealous ambition. Today was just the start of a long and endless journey. Here begins the triumphant story of Steffie St. Patrick, the M.B.A. blonde …


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