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More Than Etsy – Online Sales Resources for Crafters

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Etsy, Etsy, Etsy! It’s like the big sister everyone looks up to, but what about the middle children? Now, don’t get me wrong, I am addicted to Etsy like most of the world and, also like most of the world, I sell on Etsy too. However, Etsy is a big fish and sometimes I wonder if it would be easier to sell on some of the small sites out there.

For the most part I have no qualms with Etsy. I think the site itself is super easy to navigate and the analytics are very helpful for sellers. It’s just so BIG. There are so many sellers and so many users, it’s easier to get lost than it is to get found. This is what makes me wonder about listing on other sites just to see if it’s easier to get your shop found. When it comes down to it though, I know that with any creative business it’s going to take a lot of work and determination to promote your shop so that it grows and starts floating to the surface in a pool of handmade shops. However, if you have the means to give one or two other online sales platforms a try, it can’t hurt to give yourself a little more exposure.

To get started I pulled some online sales platforms for you to check out. Some are as popular as Etsy and some not so much. As a disclaimer, I have not tried any of these yet myself, just did a little digging on them.

Online Sales Platforms

  • Artfire – Probably the biggest contender to Etsy. If you want to have both, Artfire makes it easy to import your Etsy listings into your Artfire shop.
  • Tophatter – an auction site like eBay, but with a focus on handmade items. There are daily auctions in various categories.
  • Goodsmiths – A site very similar to Etsy, but on a smaller scale as it’s just starting out.
  • Handmade Catalog – There is a monthly fee, but they do all the promoting and marketing. It does not look like you can create your own storefront though.
  • Meylah – Looks like there are no listing fees and you can curate a marketplace with other sellers. If you join, I recommend the Handmadeology Marketplace as they constantly promote it.
  • Big Cartel – You can open your own independent store front that you can promote and link to on your blog, website, etc.
  • eBay – Of course, this is always an option and easy to maintain along side an Etsy shop.

If you sell on any of the above sites, please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!


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