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My Hats

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Lately I am thinking about all the “hats” I wear. The pile is getting deeper. The job descriptions are merely euphemisms for what I really do; it just makes it sounds like I am self-employed, not just your average sofa spud.

Writing and production—keeping on top of my writing and creativity with all the varied things I do. I have to carve out time once a day or every two days or I lose it. 

Admin—keeping up the database of all books going out. I do this as I go, and I also do this for our household budgeting and affairs.

Shipping and Handling—once a week (mail outs).

Janitorial and Catering—cooking and cleaning daily; someone has to do it.

Adolescent Facilitation and Benevolent Dictatorship—parenting (daily); trying to keep track of the comings and goings of an eighteen-year-old is sometimes an act of futility.

Leisure Time—what the heck is that? Oh yeah, my pogo dot com me time, often spent networking and generating sales as I chat. The ends justify what I am spending annually on my club pogo account. 

I have, however, managed to delegate the following responsibilities to my spouse:

Chief Financial Officer—basically household budgeting and financial handling for my book.

Public Relations—he loves the sales end to my book and promotes it well.

Sanitation Engineer—gets to deal with garbage and recycling weekly.

Clearly, there is no time for me to get a job outside the home.


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