The (Next) Ten Greatest iPad Apps

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We posted an article on the “The Ten Greatest iPad Finance Apps” by Allison Berry on April 29, 2010. Since then we have seen a surge in the number of finance applications for the iPad. Simply clicking on the Finance category under iPad in iTunes results in 234 applications. Here is the (next) list of great iPad finance applications.

CalcMoolator Pro ($9.99)
This the most useful personal finance calculator that I have seen. This development team has pulled together the most useful financial calculators. What I loved most was the ability to play around with different credit card reduction scenarios based on the factors that mattered most to me; did I want to pay off my credit card debt in twelve months or is it more important to me that I pay a fixed low amount each month? There are over thirty-five calculators and because it is web-based the CalcMoolator team is adding more calculators every day.

Beacon ($.99)
Beacon is an ambient stock market information tool. It pulls stock quotes from Yahoo Finance and then gives you a varying color degrees based on whether the market is up or down. My favorite is the soothing yellow glow when the market is calm.

Allowabank ($1.19)
Manage your kids allowance easily from your iPad. This app is an easy and straightforward tool for keeping track of allowance. The only hitch is if you have kids who love the iPad it is a challenge to keep them away from this app and altering the amounts themselves.

Chase (free)
Who knew that I would ever put Chase and like in the same article but I have to say that the Chase iPad app is in my top 5 favorites in terms of usefulness. It isn’t so much that it is Chase. Please insert your own major bank name in place of Chase. In a quest to capture market share of online banking users looking for a new bank Chase has designed a clean interface that makes online banking enjoyable.

Tippster ($.99)
Tippster is just cool. There are many tip apps out there but using Tippster is simply fun to use. The graphic playfulness makes it a usual and pleasurable app.

Forbes Investment Guide + (free)
Forbes has survived the economic downturn primarily by staying relevant. This app is another example of how they talk directly to individual who in this economy is focused on larger issues then their portfolio. They offer daily money ideas and help create strategies for to meet your financial goals. Forbes continues to give relevant financial advice.

Things ($9.99)
I have been a fan of Things on my Mac desktop and my iPhone for over a year. Things is based on the philosophy of “Getting Things Done” by David Allen. It is by far the easiest to use and most effective To Do List planner I have used. I set up regular to do’s to handle my finances but I also use it to brainstorm and keep track of ways to increase my overall financial health.

smartNote ($.99)
smartNote is a FREE tool for managing documents, sharing your ideas, and keeping track of your projects like you would if you were in a college course. You can organize your PDFs by project, make comments on them, insert photos or other files and share these notebooks or PDFs with others. It is virtual file sharing and collaboration as if you were sitting next to the person in class.

iBrainstorm (free)
I am a huge fan of brainstorming to really capture your best ideas, turn them into to do’s and either delegate or make your own commitments for completion. iBrainstorm is the perfect app when you want to release all your creative ideas, concepts or as I have used it when you are waiting in line for coffee. iBrainstorm can support up to four people collaborating and brainstorming together by using your iPad or iPhone.

Craigslist Pro for iPad ($.99)
There are free versions of Craigslist software tools but this is by far the best. You can easily post to Craigslist, manage your account, add photos and helps you search across multiple cities. It will save your searches and will also email the posting to a friend through their own built in email program. It streamlines searching, posting and managing your Craigslist account.

Have any other awesome finance apps for iPad not listed here? Share them with us in the comment section!

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