Note to Self: Get More Post-Its

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Do you use Post-Its? If you do, you're among millions of people around the world who use those bright, sticky notes each day. I prefer mine original canary yellow, but nowadays you have a huge amount of colors, shapes and sizes to choose from.

The lowly Post-It was an invention of 3M company's Art fry, and his colleague Spencer Silver, back in 1968. Mr. Fry purportedly wanted something to anchor his bookmark in his hymnal. Using scrap canary yellow paper from the lab next door, the memo pad was born as "Press 'n Peel". In 1980, it was re-christianed "Post-Its" and an empire was born. And, in 2003, Post-It Super Sticky Notes were developed, adding a stronger glue that adheres better to vertical and non-smooth surfaces.

The Post-It note has to be the most ubiquitous of all office supplies, finding their way into homes, offices, legal forms (sign here, and here, and here), and even art. The Huffington Post recently had a showing of Post-It art on it's website: Post-Its were combined to become Elmo, Snoopy, even a voluptous woman.

So what do I do with Post-Its? Well, I don't have any great invention ideas, or the Great American Novel, but the thoughts I jot down are important to me:

My son's favorite saying, " If you have enough monkeys and enough typewriters, you'll eventually get Shakespeare."

Notes for future articles about "The Big Bang Theory" and "The Best Part of Yahoo! Articles Are the Comments".

The correct definitions of "Tropical storm warning" and "Tropical storm watch".

My son's email address. It's a jumble of letters and numbers and I can never remember it when I want fo forward a story.

Things to do.

Pedicure set website.

Prices of new laptops.

Directions to my attorney's office.

Chris Powell. (Of 'Extreme Makeover"), but I just wrote 'Chris Powell'.

Ticket prices for an upcoming Moody Blues concert.

Various Bible verses.

Medications to renew.

Supermarket shopping list I specifically use Canary Yellow Post-Its because my husband won't be as likely to lose it.

'First Cameraman' a book about the President's videographer.

A website address for a medical article. (I have no idea what the article was about, but it was apparently important to me).

And, of course, notes for my article on Post-Its.

We have various Post-It pads all over the house- in our bedroom, on my son's desk, in a kitchen drawer, in the drawer of a side table in the living room. We use mostly Canary Yellow ones, but time and again, the pink one's appear. And we have various sizes, from the tiny ones to ones with lines on them. When we moved recently, I found 5 or 6 pads in a box marked, "Miscellaneous". They seem to multiple like rabbits in the night.

I subscribed to 3M's emailling list last year and happily got samples of their newest products- including the Super Sticky notes, which are great for using on our refrigerator. And our lawyer used red arrows to indicate where to sign medical releases. I have 10 of the sample arrows, but I don't really need them right now. But I'll keep them. Who knows when you'll need a sticky arrow?

Technology threatened to out-date the paper Post-It note. When I purchased my new smart phone, I discovered the 'Memo Pad' feature. It reminds me of Post-Its and they're harder to lose. Fear not, though: 3M introduced the "Virtual Post-It Note" for use on computers. My HP computer calls them "Sticky Notes" but it's the same concept. You want to jot down a note on a website? Use the virtual Post-It, and it will feel the same as the paper ones.

Have you used a Post-It today? If you did, you are not alone. One day the Post-It note will take over the world. And it will be very colorful to say the least!


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