Optimistic Outlook for Part-time Professionals

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HR executives are taking notice of the contributions of part-time professionals. The next horizon is helping line managers get comfortable with different management styles and measures of productivity. The acceptance of OnRampers and part-time professional work has to begin top-down, but it is still risky for mangers to hire them. While managers have to be willing to allocate work in a different way, individual candidates need to address the risks when they present themselves.

“Worldwide, more than 60 percent of executives said that their companies already offered flexible working hours, and nearly 80 percent said that they planned to do so by 2015. Offering part-time work was the second-most popular future action by employers.”

“The days of company-loyalty-at-all-costs are over,” noted Andrew Dyer, global leader of BCG’s Organization practice and another author of the report. “Employees, especially the most talented ones, often make career choices based on factors such as flexible work hours and emotional gratification.”


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