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Positive Image, a support group for men and women, who suffered from sexual abuse, and drug abuse. This group used the Life Support Series, by Time Sledge “Making Peace with Your Past, Help for Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families”, This group allowed the participants to discover self esteem, losing self esteem in a dysfunctional family, finding self esteem in Christ, and so on. In order to benefit from the text, you have to purchase the book.

This support group, really is helpful, and most importantly I have begun to understand the work place. Most work environments are dysfunctional and hostile. I currently work in a professional higher learning environment that abuses their power, they are extremely dysfunctional, and the motives and attitudes are destructive. Higher education is competitive all the time, and most of the time individuals are more in a frame of mind to impress, intimidate, aggravate and frustrate things. The college is in a state of budget cuts, and during this distressful time they are trying to find ways to eliminate departments that are ineffective. Who can beat the work force, no one? There was a time that one could advance by the good old phase “It’s not what you know but whom you know”, (network).

Well, jobs are hard to come by, and everybody wants to keep their jobs, with that in mind, one can see the dysfunctional actions of competition, impressing, telling, trying to out do, or undermining each other. Work place issues can become abusive if not careful. In order to stay in the game, you have to play the game.

The support group allows you to examine your views of God and yourself. If you have a good view of God then you are able to make it in this world of rude, arrogant people who try to fulfill their own hidden agendas. Holy Spirit, help me not to overwhelm myself with situations that I am unable to change, and let not my heart be troubled by what I see, and of the actions of others. It’s most important to feel good about your own self image, so that you do not sabotage your own success. Keep free and feel good about what you can do in the work place, and what you are able to contribute, even if the pay is $29, 179.00 and you have a BS, MA, and 69 hours towards a PhD. Keep striving for the best, Hope is the anchor of the Soul.


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