SEO and Branding Your Website

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Everyday I learn more and more about Search Engine Optimization. It’s funny, but I think I’m starting to enjoy it, it’s like a virtual Rubik’s Cube game; you’re always seeing what things you can twist and tweak today that will get you the right outcome or the best page ranking, or the highest profits tomorrow. I’m certainly no expert yet with my background, I’m actually more comfortable with the marketing side of things, like building brand awareness, advertising, and various forms of media.

But now I’m hooked into building websites profitability and exploring all aspects of SEO and doing so at a fairly frantic pace. Why are so many of us the rushing to do this? Perhaps its because we realize that this is an unprecedented, entirely unique time for business, and if we blink, or even hesitate too long, it will pass us by like this morning’s paperboy. It’s funny, before I knew it, I had five or six active websites going—and have plans to double that amount in the next few months. I started with one site and then for any number of reasons, needed to grow and expand into two sites, and then three, and so on and so on. After taking an informal poll of a few of my friends and colleagues, I found that this is pretty much standard procedure. The trend is to have multiple sites going with multiple revenue steams.

All the talk of SEO and carving out your own web success can be daunting. Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Don’t be, there are all kinds of terrific new as well as older methods to help increase the awareness of your website(s).

Here are three fairly quick and easy things you too can do over the next few days—that can have a significant impact on the popularity of your website:

1) Cross Promote

Getting back to the point made previously, if you have multiple websites, you can cross promote them off each other. Why not post your own enticing banner ad for one site right on another site that you have? Or even better, why not provide riveting text reviews and example content with cross links? You can even provide compelling testimonials on one site to another.

2) Website Video

If your not utilizing video yet on your site, you’ll want to get on the bandwagon. Video content on the web is still in its infancy, but will grow exponentially over the next few years. Video can be a great way to build your site’s brand awareness. Got a compelling video or series of videos you can post to YouTube? Videos can be downloaded at a frantic rate so don’t forget to put your logo and even your website address right on your video. This worked very well for a video interview series we did on a group of funny college kids at California Lutheran College. You can check these videos out at our other site, Let YouTube do all the work for you, they’ll post your video(s) right on their site which are all nicely categorized and tagged with your keywords. YouTube will give you the html code to easily post these videos right on your own website too. There is absolutely no excuse not to take advantage of website video right now. For about $100 you can buy a simple to use video camera like the Purevideo Flip camera (sold just about everywhere), It’s ridiculously easy to use and you’ll be up and running in several minutes!

3) Improve Your Content

Content is still king. SEO practices are certainly important, but it’s only secondary to providing great content. You can have the best optimization tricks in the world, but if your content is lacking, you’re never going to get repeat visits to your web site or people to subscribe to your posts. You may also want to keep to what you know about, and segment your site to a more specific niche, one that is searchable and easier to find by the search engines. If the information is interesting and not identical to all the other sites, people will want to see what you have to say or buy what you are selling.

These are just a few quick ideas to get you thinking about better marketing your sites and they really just scratch the surface of how you can improve your site’s brand awareness. The important thing is to keep your content fresh and interesting, and be patient … good things will.


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