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Sold! Three Ways to Guarantee the Sale

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Yale University’s study of the most persuasive words in the English language put “you” at number one. With this in mind, be sure to emphasize how buying your idea, product, or service is going to make your prospect’s life better.

Social Psychologist Ellen Langer demonstrated that giving people the “because” behind why your request is being made increases the likelihood of their buying in from 60 to 94 percent. So, for example, you might open your presentation with, “I wanted to talk to you today because …”

Duncan Hines’ decision to have the at-home baker add the egg to their cake mix was made in the marketing department, as it invests the baker in the success of the cake. Similarly, finding the “egg” your prospect will be adding to your pitch: their vision, their expertise, their institutional memory, will help them get invested in your success.


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