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Take the Job Hunt Seriously

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Well maybe not so, but I’ve noticed something and I’d like to share it with you.

In the last month I have caught, or rather noticed, two women that I know applying for jobs for their significant others. No big deal, right? Well I don’t know. I guess it would be one thing to search online for jobs while there boyfriends are at work and kindly send over their resumes and cover letters, but…

To actually create their resumes on word and individually right up cover letters submitting them as if their boyfriends made them, well that seems a little deceptive to me. Actually I take that back. I guess my most outstanding thought was why aren’t they doing it themselves?!

For me, applying for a job is more than just a quick browse and submit. It’s a process of looking over the company of interest, scanning the pros and cons of the company, and then selling yourself to the employer through your own words.

Any employer I am lucky to enough to gain an interview with will surely know I am the one who submitted my application. Why? Because my words are an extension of my personality and intellect. I assume that is broadcasted when they interview me and it is appealing and assuring to them that I am the candidate that they thought I might be.

We could get into why these women are doing this for their partners in the first place, but I think that places more emphasis on the personal aspects of their relationships and less on professional etiquette of job hunting.


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