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Ten Tips That Every Business Traveler Should Know

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Do you often find yourself sleeping in airports? Know the customs agents by name? Don’t unpack when you get home because you know you’ll be back at the airport within the next few days? Then you’re a business traveler, and this article is for you! has put together “Ten Tips That Every Business Traveller Should Know” for seasoned business travelers as well as junior account executives who are just starting out. Read up on this tips for anyone travelling for business, important meetings, conferences, and more! These tips will help you stay fresh, avoid getting lost, make it for your meeting on time, look professional, stay healthy when you’re travelling and more!

Ten Great Tips That Every Business Traveler Should Know

1) Pack everything in a carry-on (if possible!).
Depending on the length of your business trip, you’ll often bring a carry-on as well as one check-in bag. But the best advice that we can offer you is to try and pack only one carry on. Checked bags cost money: anywhere from $10 to $35 for one checked bag. You’ll also avoid your bags getting lost in Jakarta.

2) What to pack in your carry-on.
Check with your airline what the baggage rules are, but often it’s one carry-on bag, a laptop bag, and a personal item. Carry-on anything you’ll need for your meetings or to freshen up. This includes an extra change of clothes and sample-sized toiletries, as more than 3oz of one liquid will not be allowed on the plane. Remember that your hotel can provide you with a shaving kit, shampoo plus conditioner, soap, toothbrush, and etc.

3) Be sure to carry your laptop with you, even if you don’t use it on the plane.
Whether you’re a journalist, a financial advisor, a CEO of an insurance company, and etc., your personal computer is too important to leave in your checked bag. Carry your laptop with you and you’ll limit the possibility of your highly sensitive and important data, files and information from being stolen or compromised, and keep it from being tossed around.

4) Protecting your laptop.
Consider getting a lock for your laptop, keeping it in your hotel safe and ensuring that you have a sturdy laptop case. Also, consider using safeguarding privacy software that prevents or disallows data or information theft. One program that you can install for data protection is nokVAULT File Encryption Software. Once nokVAULT is installed on your computer, it automatically encrypts your files to keep them protected from any theft.

5) Pack light and only what you can lift or carry.
One of the biggest mistakes that travelers can make, whether leisure, backpacker, luxury, or business travelers, is to pack too much or to overpack. As mentioned earlier, if you can get away with packing only a carry-on, then you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble. If not, then pack only what you can carry or lift. This will help you during late-night arrivals, making airline connections in a short time, and rushing to/from place to place.

6) Bring multi-purpose items.
Pack a pair of pants or skirt and a few tops to change things up each day. Try to bring a pair of shoes that you can use for business meetings, for the golf course, and for lounging around the city on your time off. Save space and keep things simple. Remember, multi-purpose is the key!

7) Get as much rest as possible and stay hydrated.
Traveling causes a lot of stress on your body as it is: lack of sleep, jet lag, different environments, adapting to weather or climate, sporadic eating times, long meetings, and flying. So your best bet is to stay as healthy as you can. One way to do this is to drink plenty of water and liquids, especially before, during and after long flights on the plane. Eat freshly prepared foods when possible, rather than packaged and try to balance your diet with the five food groups.

8) Bring extra medication.
Be careful when trying new foods, fruits, or dairy products, especially if you have a history of allergies. Bring a few days more of prescription drugs or medication than require for the duration of your trip. This helps to avoid any emergencies on your trip and in case you are delayed.

9) Travelling with your Blackberry, iPhone, and other handhelds.
Be sure to switch your plan to a roaming one before you leave for your trip so you don’t get hit with a huge bill when you get back! For your boarding passes, directions, city guides, finding a restaurant or meeting destination, a GPS for figuring out where you are, maps for the subway system, alarm clocks, agendas - for the business traveller, your BB or iPhone can be your lifesaver. Use it!

10) Travel insurance.
For business travelers who travel often enough, you know how uncertain how things can be: you can get sick, get delayed, lose your bags, get into an accident, have your trip cancelled, flights changed or reconnected, and etc. Travel insurance can help you when you’re sick in another country, when you need to cancel your trip last minute, if your bags get lost, and more. For frequent business travelers, get a one-year plan or an i.e. thirty-day plan that covers you for any thirty days throughout the year when you’re travelling.

Happy Travelling!

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