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Traits That Reveal What Kind of Driver You Are

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We all probably know by now that not all drivers are created equal. Everyone has those friends who terrify us behind the wheel with their aggression and speed and other friends who drive slower than our grandparents do.

Believe it or not, statistics compiled after reviewing car accidents tell a lot about the kind of drivers we are. Who knew that our occupation and even our astrological sign could predict the likelihood that we’ll get into an accident?

These statistics reveal some important information about who to watch out for on the road.

Professions Most Likely to Crash
Research conducted by the price comparison site, shows that bus conductors are the most likely to have an accident and engravers are the least likely. The report does specify bus conductors are the most likely to crash their own cars, so that’s a relief for us commuters.

The research was derived from insurance quotes of 10 million consumers. Other professions in the top ten most likely to have an at-fault accident are general practitioners, psychologists, and surgeons. Hmm … maybe the stress of saving lives all day gets released on the road?

Horse dealers, butlers, golf caddies, au pairs, and zoologists are among the least likely to crash. The same report lists army officers as the most likely to speed on the road.

Astrological Signs Most Likely to Crash
A September 2008 study of over 115,000 car insurance claims by Accident Exchange, a British accident management company, analyzed car accident rates by astrological sign. And sorry, Gemini, but your sign tops the list as the most likely to be involved in an accident. The next two most likely signs to crash are Taurus and Aries. Interesting data since that means drivers most likely to get in accidents are those born between March and June. Scorpions and Sagittarians were ranked the least likely to get in an accident.

So the next time you get in a car with a friend, make sure you know her sign before accepting a ride. And if you’re a Gemini, Taurus, or Aries, take extra caution behind the wheel.

Most Likely to Hit Deer
A State Farm Insurance report shows people living in New York, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania are the most likely to hit deer on the road. The report shows 1.5 million car crashes involve deer each year, mostly between October and December. In New York, the odds of hitting a deer are one in 141. In West Virginia, one in forty-five cars collides with deer.

If you’re worried about hitting a deer, move to Hawaii, where the odds are one in 11,000.

Most (and Least) Likely Cities for Road Rage
If you live in Miami, New York, Boston, Baltimore, or Washington DC, your city is one of the top places where drivers are likely to have road rage. The survey, conducted by Auto Vantage and Affinion Group Media, also ranked the most courteous driving cities, which are:

  1. Pittsburgh
  2. Portland
  3. Seattle
  4. Minneapolis
  5. Cleveland

The survey also found younger drivers are the most likely to honk their horns and those with the longest commutes are the most likely to use obscene gestures. Some other “most likelies” from this report are:

  • New Yorkers are the most likely to tailgate
  • Miami drivers are the most likely to cut off other drivers without notice
  • Baltimore, New York, and Tampa drivers are the most likely to eat or drink on the road
  • Denver, Houston, Miami, and Phoenix drivers are the most likely to text behind the wheel
  • Washington DC drivers are the most likely to slam on their brakes
  • Drivers in Miami and Tampa are the most likely to run red lights
Now that I know the stats, I’ll let the Gemini drivers speed past me on the highway and I’ll keep an eye out for surgeons on the road.

Updated July 24, 2009


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