Waiting for the Letter

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She was sitting in the crowded government classroom trying to pay attention to her teacher. Her mind was thinking of something else. Today, Autumn was expecting a certain letter that she had been waiting for from the college of her dreams, UCLA. She was contemplating what her parents would say to her tonight at the dinner table. They wanted her to go to a community college that was more affordable. Autumn was hoping that she was going to get the scholarship she had worked all year for. 

As the bell rang at ten after 2, she rushed to her beat up, black Mustang and drove home as if she was on a wild rampage. She weaved in and out of traffic. Autumn finally pulled into her driveway and ran to the mailbox but nothing had come for her. The mail carrier was running late; she thought to herself that maybe if she did some homework, the mail would shortly come. 

I sat there patiently waiting for my golden ticket out of here. It was as if my parents wanted to keep me hostage until I was twenty-four. As long as I had to choose, I wasn’t going to let them keep me for themselves. The world needs to see what I have got to offer. How could they be so selfish? 

As she continued to think about her parent’s wishes, she saw the mail truck down the street at Mr. Smith’s house. She jumped up and tied her shoes then she was gone. After chasing the mail truck down the block, she finally reached it. 

“Can I have my mail, sir? I’ve been expecting something rather important.” 

The kind man handed her the pile of mail with a genuine smile on his face. “You have a wonderful day, miss.” He drove away before she knew it. After all she was too busy looking in the pile of mail for her one-of-a-kind letter. She saw letters for her mother from her Aunt Kay and business letters for her father from national bank. Then her eyes came across something that said Autumn Brown on the front, her heart skipped a beat. She quickly ripped it open. Autumn’s life flashed before her eyes once she read the first sentence of the letter. Autumn Brown, you have been accepted for the full scholarship. She fell to the floor. 

I woke up as if I were dreaming. “Your head hit pretty hard, darling,” said Mr. Smith. “I picked you up and carried you over here,” he continued. 

“I must have fainted from being so excited,” said Autumn. 

“I took the liberty of calling your parents to come get you, since I didn’t want you walking after such a big fall,” he said. 

“Why, thank you,” I replied. As I sat up to try and collect my thoughts I found my letter in the pocket of my jacket. He must have put it there for me. I opened up the folded paper to make sure that this all wasn’t a dream. To my surprise, it wasn’t. They accepted me for a full scholarship and I was more worried about my parents. How would I even begin to tell them? 

The door bell rang and it was them. I became speechless. What on earth was I going to say? “Hello honey, are you okay? Mr. Smith said you hit your head pretty hard,” said her mother. 

“I’m alright mother, I just need some rest,” I whispered. She took me home and put me in my bed. As I lay in bed, I begin to repeat the speech I intend on saying at the dinner table. It was hard for me not to tell my mother right away considering I don’t keep many secrets from her. 

Dinner time had come. Autumn was frightened but she was well prepared. 

“Autumn, DINNER!” 

She ran down the steps and took a seat next to her father. Her mother brought the plates filled with pot roast to the table and took her seat. 

“Lets start with grace,” said her father. 

They all bowed there heads and began to bless the food. Once that was complete, Autumn started to sweat. “I have something to say.” Both parents gave her what was called the stare of doom. 

“I got accepted for the full scholarship to UCLA,” said Autumn. 

Her father dropped his fork and looked up at his daughter. She looked as if she had just seen a ghost. “That’s wonderful, honey” he replied. 

“Yes darling, that is wonderful,” her mother added on. Autumn was puzzled. 

“You guys are okay with this?” she said. 

“Of course, darling” they both replied. Autumn felt as if she was on cloud nine. She finally got her freedom. 

“We can discuss plans for dorms and finances next week,” said her father. 

“Thank you, thank you!” she screamed.


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