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The Well-Equipped Office

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For many of us, the office is home away from home. For some of us, it is home. Given the amount of time I’ve been spending in my office lately, I’ve been thinking about its contents. What makes a well-equipped office?

A Comfortable Chair—Even adding a cheap cushion can help. You’ll be spending a lot of time in it, so commit.

Snacks and Drinks—Whatever your poison: chocolate-covered espresso beans, granola bars, tea, coffee, water, it helps to have something on hand and, for me, it keeps the junk food in the vending machine from luring me off the waggon.

Beauty and Style Aids—Even if you don’t want to think of yourself as “high maintenance,” we all need some maintenance, and it helps to have the tools available. Currently, my middle drawer has: extra stockings, extra socks (for wet feet), mints/breath strips, a hairbrush, hairspray (stops runs in stockings and holds hair), a hair clip, and hand cream. I also always have an extra sweater or scarf somewhere.

Things That Remind You Why You Like Your Job—I keep thank you notes and my diploma around to remind me, even when I’m in the middle of a thankless task, why I decided to do this.

Things That Make You Happy—Pictures of friends, pets, or kids; stuffed animals, attractive artwork. You don’t need to have it out on display, but keep it around to make you smile.

My office is pretty small, so I can’t fit much more than that, but it’s a start. What else makes your office your own?


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