What Is Your Genius?

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Sound a bit daunting? When you think of genius do you think of Einstein or Mozart? I did until I was introduced to another definition. Think of your genius as your unique talent and gift to the world. Do you know what it is? Does your work flow from your genius?

According to David Oldfield who facilitates workshops that address life changes, indigenous communities honored a new child’s genius from the moment of conception. The community would rejoice when a woman became pregnant because it meant the new child was bringing a quality or skill into the world that was needed by the community. Once the child was born, it was up to the community to mentor and help the child develop his or her special talent.

As you contemplate a career change, have you taken time to reflect on your genius? Do your ideas flow from that place? Think back on when you have felt the most satisfied in your work, when work has felt joyful and energy building, not energy depleting. Take time to write about the situation in a journal. What were you doing, who was there, what did you contribute? What about it made you feel so good? Let this guide you as you consider new opportunities.

If you are having trouble, ask a friend to help you. Often our friends and family can see our genius more clearly than we can. They are not burdened by that little self-critical voice that can dominate our thoughts. You are unique and have a unique gift to share with this world we live in. Let this idea help you launch your next adventure.


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