Why I Live Here: Massachusetts

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Raised in the downtown area of Chicago, I married in the sixties and moved with my husband and his job to Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Having had a turbulent upbringing, moving to Massachusetts sounded exciting.

We moved into a small apartment where our first daughter was born. Both my husband and I grew up in the sailing world on Lake Michigan, so the North Shore of Boston seemed liked a good place to move with our daughter. We sailed, made another daughter, and bought our first house.

Unfortunately, years later, my husband’s job was terminated due to the recession, so we found ourselves transferred to the middle part of the state for his new employment. We were away from the water that I missed. We made our third daughter in hopes that the marriage could survive, but with no water and a very homogenous country club environment, it didn’t suit this city-loving, liberal mother of three. The marriage ended. When my soon to be ex-husband went back to Chicago, I followed. I wanted our daughters to be near their Dad who loved his daughters very much.

After our last daughter went off to college, I found myself yearning for the East Coast. I longed for the sound of waves hitting the shore, seagulls, mountains, and the smell of the salt air. One day, I looked at my golden retriever and made the decision to go back to where my heart said to go. It’s been seventeen years and three golden retrievers since that day.

The reasons why I like living in Massachusetts are plentiful. There are many cultures residing here. The city offers great history on our founding fathers. The ocean creates activities that I love to take advantage of, like sailing, fishing, and kayaking. I’m two blocks from the beach and can hear the sound of small children laughing and playing in my neighborhood and the seagulls circling the sky to alert me of rain. The town I live in feels like a village, it’s small enough that you know the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker. It’s the kind of place where people like to vacation in the summer, yet it is easy to get to Boston by car, bus, or the T. In the mornings, I walk to the historic Fort Sewall, which sits on a hill overlooking the harbor, and I watch the boats sail in and out of the harbor. This is where I like to watch the sunrise while my goldens fetch their tennis balls. Living here has also given me the opportunity to pursue my love of dogs by establishing a little pet care business, where I board and care for people’s pets while they are away.

I know a particular police officer in town who stopped by my house two years ago. He asked me to check out someone in a van who told him they knew me. I walked down the street with my police officer buddy, and the next thing I knew, my children and grandchildren jumped out of the van to surprise me for my birthday. They had planned this together and it was a memory I will remember forever.

Massachusetts, as a state, has also become very liberal in its thinking and its government, which is aligned with my beliefs. But most of all, I enjoy Massachusetts for its seasons: the fall’s foliage, winter’s mounds of snow, and the tulips bursting with color that come in the spring.

My decision to move back to Massachusetts has been tested, as two of my daughters are married and have children, but remain in the Midwest. My other daughter lives on the West Coast, where she is definitely an individual, living out her dream of being a writer. Luckily, I am only an airplane away from all of them, as well as my grandchildren, two generations of people that I love the most. However, after much soul searching, I find that I am where I should be, here in Massachusetts. My choice, seventeen years ago, is what has made me a stronger individual and where I have found my peace of mind. In Massachusetts, I have found the qualities that have made me a positive person, as well as interests that fill my soul.


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