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Why I Love to Write

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I have always enjoyed writing. I did well in English in school. I've enjoyed writing letters, poetry and now articles. This is a passion of mine that I hope never ends. Writing is a form of expression as we all know. It lets us feel free to explore many options. My love of writing is a never ending journey.

I am hoping to take classes and perhaps persue a degree in Journalisum. I would enjoy writing for a living. What could be more exciting than to do what you love? Few of us are that lucky. My passion for writing will hopefully lead to a new career. That is what I am counting on. My articles have been published and for that I am greatful. I hope that it will continue.

I would like to share my passion with others. And see how they respond. I am at a point in my life where writing lets me express myself. In more ways than one. I would hope that in the near future I will be writing more articles or working for a magazine. And perhaps in the near future a book of sorts.

I'm hopeful that my love of writing will continue to grow. For my readers and for my friends. Anyone who has this passion knows what I mean. And with my writing I am hoping to bring the writer out in each of us.


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