Women’s Procurement Program

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Many times in the business world, we hear about women in their careers, or women-owned businesses being spurned. Less pay, less promotions, and less funding. Well recently, the government has done their best to give women-owned small businesses around the country a step up (for once).

The US Small Business Administration came through for women in small business this past Friday by opening up a program called the Women’s Procurement Program, which set aside thirty billion dollars in federal funds to be available specifically for women-owned small business contracts. This is a big opportunity for women-owned small businesses. To see if you meet the qualifications, you first have to have a business that is mostly (at least 51 percent) owned and operated by a woman or women who are US. citizens. In addition, you will want to check with the Small Business Administration to see if you meet the requirements to be categorized as small business. Visit the SBA website’s, “Am I a Small Business?” page in order to see if you meet the qualifications to be considered a small business. After that, you can then register for a federal contract. 

If you are involved in a small business that is run by a woman or women, make sure you share this great opportunity with them to take advantage of. 


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