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Wrapping up the Year

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In order to get ready for a fantastic New Year, take some time before the clock turns on December thirty-first to take stock of the past year and think about what you want next year to look like.

Grab a journal and take these steps:

1.  Think back to each month starting with January, and come up with one thing you are proud of having accomplished or done. Whether it was taking a much needed vacation, asking for a raise, ending an unhealthy relationship, cleaning out clutter from your home, or paying off one of your credit cards, write it down. Big or small, make a list of your accomplishments to remind yourself how good it feels to take charge of your life.

2.  Imagine it’s December thirty-first of next year. What do you see yourself writing down on your accomplishment list? These are your goals for the year.

3.  Create a brief list (that you’ll further flesh out in January), of what it will take to make each of these goals a reality. Be honest about the effort you’ll have to put in to make the new career, the move, the improved love life, etc. happen. If you feel deep resistance to taking the first step, drop that goal and only focus on the ones you are honestly ready to work for.

4.  Find other people to surround yourself with who are serious about making major life improvements next year. Think about friends and colleagues going through their own transition and reach out to them, work with a coach, meet people at workshops, or start your own mastermind group.

Follow these steps and you’ll be able to end the year with another great accomplishment!


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