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“Foxenfreude”: Fox TV Predicting Obama’s Failures

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Many on Fox TV are manifesting symptoms of post-election Schadenfreude, what soon may be known as “pre-Schadenfreude” or “Foxenfreude,” unable to wait for Obama to slip up to take delight in the ways he might fail.

Bill O’Reilly, the leader of this pack, has been relentlessly inviting guests into his so-called “spin-free zone” to poke away at Obama’s every policy and cabinet pick. Ironically, these tend to be the same pundits who’ve accused liberals of rooting against our country and being anti-American for questioning the validity of the war in Iraq or challenging the torture of prisoners. It’s worth noting that W was given the chance to screw up, the one thing he excelled at. We didn’t charge out of the gate to undermine W before he took the oath of office.

With almost two more months of air time to fill, O’Reilly may have to cast a wider net, in which case future shows will likely include interviews with right wing:

  • Child psychologists attesting to the likelihood of the Obama girls, however adorable now, turning into rebellious teenagers as a result of having to make their own beds while living in The White House.
  • Dog trainers anticipating that pets whose poop is picked up by the children in a family will surely become confused and neurotic;
  • Educators citing that the Quaker, non-competitive atmosphere of Sidwell Friends will discourage Malia and Sasha, who will be self-satisfied and never develop leadership skills;
  • Housekeepers balking that having children do chores costs jobs and threatens the economy of the country.


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