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10 Things I've Learned About Life in NYC

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I recently celebrated my five year anniversary of life in New York City. I feel as though I learn something new everyday and become a better resident accordingly. Lord knows the wisdom I've gained from life in the big city is endless, but I do find these ten tidbits to be most notable.

Be nice to everyone. It’s so much easier to smile than to snub. There are certain people I wish I’d been friendlier to – people who are now in a position of power but wouldn’t think to help me because I wasn’t outwardly kind. Rats.

Talk to everyone. Somewhere down the line, Manhattan got a bad rap for being unfriendly. I call false! I find so many people here willing to converse. This may be the worse city to date in, but I happen to think it’s a great place to make friends.

Dress to impress. Whether you’re headed to Crunch or Le Cirque, put on your Sunday best even if it’s Tuesday. You never know who you’ll meet, bump into or what opportunity might arise.

If you date an investment banker, it will come back to haunt you. You just have to trust me on this one. Unless you marry him – in some way, shape or form… you will end up kicking yourself for making such a big deal of dating a guy in finance. Luckily for me, some ghosts are friendly.

Stop and smell the roses. There are so many fantastic nooks and crannies to be discovered, so take your time exploring. But when you’re on the subway, the elevator, or 5th Avenue… move quickly. Ain’t nothin’ to sniff there.

Exercise is essential. Before I lived here, I didn’t really “buy into” the whole “working out” thing. It’s a rat race out there, so you’d better hop in. It pays to be fit and it turns out that it can actually be fun! In a crazy city, it'll keep ya sane.

Join, join, join. If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. Get involved. Whether a charity board, a club, or a recreational sports team… pick something(s) that sets you apart from the crowd so you don’t get lost in the masses.

Just say yes. How many people in the world actually get to live here? About 8 million out of about 7 billion. If you’re one of the lucky ones, look before you leap. Do something crazy.

Big city, small island. Space is limited. Quality over quantity. And you will inevitably run into people you don’t want to see, so keep enemies to a minimum.

Make the most of every penny, morsel and moment. Nothing lasts forever, not even life in the Big Apple. I can’t lie – this city kicks the crap out of me sometimes. But I’ve found that if you play your cards right, the benefits far outweigh the sacrifices. Do it up and enjoy every second.


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