10 Ways to Appreciate a Teacher

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Hallmark and TeachersCount work together to appreciate teachers. Hallmark has a number of free teacher appreciation e-cards and the web feature, “Ten Ways to Thank a Teacher,” available on its website.  TeachersCount thanks Hallmark for using its resources to reward and recognize the valuable work that teachers do.

1.    Try a little e-tenderness

Send one of ten free Hallmark teacher-appreciation e-cards, and tell others about this quick and easy way to give teachers the warm fuzzies.

2.    Work well with others

Round up parent volunteers or work with an existing parent organization like the PTO or PTA to make Teacher Appreciation Week a school-wide event. Multiple parents working together can do anything from giving each teacher a treat for every day of the week to organizing a special lunch for all the teachers. Consider doing some fundraising in the community to help finance activities.

3.    Give the teachers’ lounge a makeover

With the school’s permission, show your appreciation by giving the teachers’ lounge a new look or new amenities. You could donate a microwave, redecorate with curtains and new paint, provide furniture, or do any number of other things depending on your resources and what is needed in the lounge.

4.    Ready? Bouquet!

Arrange for all the kids in the class to bring a flower to class one day. Parents can all chip in on a vase, and the teacher can assemble a bright bouquet for the classroom that speaks to each kid’s personality. Or, for an even simpler way to shower your teacher with flowers, order a bright bouquet from

5.    Show up and tell

Ever had a teacher who changed your life? Teacher Appreciation Week is the perfect time to pay that teacher a surprise visit and tell them just how much they meant to you.

6.     Give a book of many colors

Arrange for all the kids in the class to create a page for a teacher thank-you book. Kids can draw a picture of their teacher, write an acrostic poem, or write a letter. The pages can then be collected and bound inexpensively at a copy shop. Use crayons, colored pencils, or markers to ensure the book is colorful.

7.     Play ball

Work with other parents and administrators to set up an after-school faculty softball game. Invite parents and kids to cheer their teachers on. This will help generate enthusiasm for teachers and allow kids to see another side of them.

8.    Be a little bird

Look into teacher awards, like Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers, and nominate your child’s teacher—especially if he or she happens to be a great teacher for whom recognition is due.

9.    Spread the word

Call local radio and TV stations and ask them to publicize Teacher Appreciation Week. That way, teachers throughout your community will be more likely to experience the important morale boost associated with this week.

10.    Give a thoughtful gift

It’s a classic suggestion, but a thoughtful gift really does brighten a teacher’s day. There’s no need to break the bank in doing so—either go with a modestly priced gift or arrange for all the classroom parents to contribute a few dollars. Try to pick a gift that corresponds to the teacher’s interests—game tickets for the sports nut, a mall gift certificate for the fashion lover, a restaurant gift certificate for the gourmand, or movie passes for the film buff. Don’t feel pressured to spend beyond your means—remember, this week is about appreciating teachers, not impressing them.

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