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To the Twentieth Century …

9/9/99 … the civilized world died this day.

Does anybody care … hell no!

Everyone has their own little world

that blocks out problems till it hits home.

Climb that ladder, make more money …

we sure do love that taste of honey.

Kids are killing kids…elderly dying alone.

Kids don’t know what a fistfight is …

they just call their gun dealer on the cell phone

from daddy’s little gift of a brand new sports car.

Ah! The good life … thanks to stupid parents.

Kids doing commando raids on schools,

killing for eternity for fifteen minutes of fame.

Thank the news media for fanning the wildfire …

whatever it takes to win the ratings game.

I’m outta here! On a flight to nowhere.

See ya’ll down the road, America … somewhere

lost in Europe with a couple of frenchies in arm;

with a bottle of tequila and a 9mm in my boot …

it’s a Texas thang! That ain’t no shoot and hoot.


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