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Abortion: A Morally-Created Issue

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America today is a country split by 50 percent in every aspect from politics, religion, and environmental issues, to whether or not children are taught creationism or evolution in our public schools.

The number one issue that has us split is the abortion issue. Half of the country would have us return to the days of back alley, coat hanger abortions where the procedure had to be done in secret because it was against the law.

The other 50 percent would like to preserve a woman’s right to choose and even expand that right beyond its present form.

Personally, I do not think it’s anybody’s business what a woman chooses to do when it concerns her own body and certainly none of the governments business in trying to legislate what it deems appropriate.

It should be left up to the individuals in their own moral standards in deciding an abortion procedure.

It is the teenagers under eighteen years of age who suffer the most trauma when discovering they are pregnant. These young women are scared out of their wits wondering what reaction their own parents will think and do about it. Most spend more than a month in worry with what to do before deciding whether to have the baby.

Our society in America is one in which we have a large population of young people below the age of eighteen that are considered minors who cannot decide for themselves until they reach the age of consent. It is the young people who are between a rock and a hard place, due to the fact that most of them have physically matured in every aspect to adulthood, while mentally and socially they are still children find themselves having sex without any idea of the consequences afterward.

Many European countries have their legal adult age set at sixteen years to help with such social problems, but even this doesn’t help with the consequences of getting pregnant after having unprotected sex. The end result in these countries is the same as it is here in America; there are thousands of frightened teenagers who haven’t a clue of how to deal with their problem.

It seems to me we need an attitude adjustment from the federal government level to that of the family in dealing with this problem. As it is now, it is looked upon as a bad thing similar to a crime. What must be done is opening up more avenues to sex education and making condoms and birth control methods readily available.

It is the conservative right and associated organized religions in this country that have created this disastrous climate of a woman being damned if she gets pregnant and damned for having sex out of wedlock.

In the name of morality, many think abortion should be made illegal but at the same time, these voices are also opposed to any form of sex education. Therefore, they have modeled this catch-22 by opposing the necessary education young women need to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Unfortunately, you cannot have it both ways. The best form of birth control is education not abstinence.

Let’s face it, the church, parents, friends, or relatives can preach the virtues of abstinence till their faces turn blue but this will do nothing to stop many young woman from experiencing sex in the long run, and perhaps may even encourage it by making it seem so taboo.

One has to have had children of their own, as I have, and have grandchildren to really respect the gift of new life. I believe no child conceived should be denied their right to experience the life they are entitled to. Just by existence in the womb, this newly created person has the right to come into this world and enjoy the fruits of life. There are plenty of families who would welcome the chance to have a new baby.

We as a society must make abortion unnecessary through education, family support, and praise rather than continuing the present climate, which creates the need for it.

It is possible for pregnant teenage girls to continue their education and make something of themselves. The same is true for young mothers; it is hard to pull off but anything in life is difficult that’s worth it.


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