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About Using Bags

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It’s an old question, every time it comes time to check out when we go to the supermarket or grocery for shopping: paper bag or plastic bag? Everyone uses bags; everybody has this choice. It seems like it should be an easy choice, but because the advantages and disadvantages impact on environment, even some environmentalists are also confused by this simple choice.

Have you ever heard of paper bag Wednesdays? This is the one day in a week where we are all mandated to use paper instead of plastic bags for our shopping needs.

Exports said, raw materials of paper bags is wood, plastic bags is crude oil. For production of shopping bags using by Americans annually, manufacturers need to run out fourteen million trees or twelve million barrels. Paper bags usually made from virgin wood rather than wood by-products as well as processed with many toxic chemicals and water pollution. Paper bag production emits six times the amount of greenhouse gas emissions compared to plastic. However, plastic bags, once produced it is difficult to degrade naturally, they can exist for centuries, even millennia. Paper bag is three times more likely to be recycled than a plastic one.

In our daily life, paper or plastic bags are indispensable. Person should use it selectively in different area, and be better use plastic bags in mainland while paper bags at the beach. Because countless plastic bags end up in our ocean and cause harm to our marine wildlife. It’s sad to see millions of animals are killed each year by plastic bags.

Recycling of used paper bags can reduce the number of trees harvested and is less energy-intensive than making pulp from lumber. The processes including laminating, dyeing and others that smooth paper bags make them uneconomical to recycle. While collecting of used paper bags from drop-off points is an economical and less energy-intensive way of making recycled paper bags.

Whether paper or plastic bags, environmentalists advocate the same: they should be recycled. They further pointed out that the best choice, of course, use the reusable bag, and always bring their own bags.


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