Again, Enough About Michael Vick

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I think it is really sad that as a society, we are over-saturated by the media and what “stars” do and how we allow it to take over our lives. I personally am sick to death of hearing about how Michael Vick tortured and killed dogs … I don’t care anymore. I have two dogs who are my children and I am 100 percent willing to kill for them, under the right circumstances but I am sick of hearing about Vick.

The bigger issue in the NFL is Donte Stallworth, the receiver for the Cleveland Browns who killed a man while he was driving drunk. HE KILLED A MAN! He took away a father and a family provider, all because he chose to drive when he was drunk. He served thirty days in jail, Michael Vick served two years … where is the logic?

It seems as though we are more concerned about animal welfare than human welfare and I think that is sad. It shows that we are in a sad state when we are more concerned about animals than each other. Also, what does that say about our justice system when a man kills another man while drunk driving and he gets thirty days? Plaxico Burress, a former receiver for the New York Giants has agreed to a two year prison term for shooting himself … which proves that he is a total moron but still, no one else was hurt, just him and yet he’s serving two years!? THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG HERE!

I just don’t understand why people want to make Michael Vick out to be a monster. He did something wrong and he continues to do things wrong, that makes him a dumbass, not the anti-christ. He’s very immature and just needs continual guidance. So he got caught drinking during training camp, extend his NFL suspension. Drinking during training camp is against the rules so he should be punished, I agree. I just think that he doesn’t make good judgment calls, or maybe he thinks he’s above the rules, I don’t know, I’ve never talked to him personally so I can’t really make an informed decision.

The worst part is, he’s a train wreck so he gets continual media attention. Donte Stallworth is suspended from the NFL for a year without pay … that’s it, he takes a human life and he’s not allowed to play for a year? I don’t understand, when did animal life become more valuable than human life? It just makes me sad … but I’m not really that surprised. It seems as though the less truly important or life changing something is in the media, we jump on the band wagon. Look at “Jon and Kate Plus Eight,” we watched as they were happy, stopped watching when they had problems and yet, we google them to see what the current issue is. Maybe this is another example of media oversaturation, which anyone who can read or use a computer experiences.


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