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Alaska Eclectics

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I woke up this morning to find that school has been cancelled. No, not because of snow or cold, but because it is too warm! A chinook wind has turned our normally blue and grey and colorless landscape into a treacherous ice rink.

The ravens are sliding around on the ice trying to snatch any food that is being uncovered by the warm fierce winds. I watch the bare trees snap and whip around, remembering the lovely icy covered branches of yesterday when the landscape looked like a Christmas postcard, but to venture outside even to the mailbox was a test of endurance when the temperatures dipped to 20 below zero. Even then, the schools were not cancelled. Alaskans are a tough lot!

We rarely have snow days, the rule being that if a school bus can negotiate the roads, then school goes on. The wind rattles the doors and whistles down the fireplace, as I place another log onto the fire, which is ever alive and a warm and comfortable friend in the winter. My book sits beside my lounge chair beckoning me and I shall go to it, read a little, and probably drift off to sleep . This wont last long, but the temperature has climbed all the way to 34 degrees, a warm respite in a cold bleakness that is welcome.


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