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Alert: Dulce, New Mexico

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This is a very, very big problem that is going to take everyone of us to fix! It has been going on for sometime now in terms of years. First of all, we (U.S.A) have all been lied to for most all of our lives! That’s right. Our own Government has sold us out. In 1975 approximately, the underground tunneling started for what would eventually become the Dulce Base. This structure is the main location for what can only be termed the “Renticuli” threat.

This is no joke. Their intentions are now known. They intend to take over this entire planet by 2050. Did you know that “martial law” could be enacted at anytime due to weather, food shortages, terrorist, or more! Then there will never be an election again. Only appointed persons will serve in office from that time on.

John F. Kennedy lost his life because he wouldn’t go along with the plans that had already been started ever since the days of Eisenhower. This threat is real, and the time for our civilization is coming to a head. If we do nothing then they (the Renticuli and the illuminati) will succeed. There is nothing that anyone can do at this time but become more informed. You can do this by accessing the, then enter first: “Dulce” prisoner: part 3

Next go to: The man who killed two alien grays (view). Then go to: Phil Schnieder-Dulce Base (16 parts). Finally view: Al Beilek-Philidephia Experiment. These are all revealing videos currently listed on the YouTube.

Now this problem is bigger than anyone imagine, but there is a way out! I am planning to run in the next Presidential Election. If you would like to see this country survive this coming catastrophic storm which is surely coming, just get ready to vote for your choice. I will re-establish the original constitution and make those pay who have done to ALL of us, what no one should be allowed to do.

Now brothers and sisters around the country, take sometime to watch these videos before you decide for yourselves. Always remembering that this maybe our last election. Peace and power to you all.


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