America’s Lack of Interest in Soccer

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The mainstream media has done a great job of shoving World Cup soccer down our throats here in America by having games, results, and upcoming events on every network, newspaper, magazine, and the Internet.

One fact remains, however, and that is no matter how much publicity soccer is given in this country most of us simply are not interested.

The American public finds the game boring because of the international participation. All sports endeavors that included international teams have failed here in the U.S. miserably. World football leagues which seemed to have everything going for them have all failed because of the lack of interest by the American public. Perhaps it’s because Americans do not believe foreign athletes can legitimately compete with ours, or maybe it is due to the lack of us recognizing foreign superstars and we can’t relate to them like we can with our own. We do not respect the abilities of those we know little about.

If an international athlete becomes popular with the American public they must achieve excellence in their field to stand alone as the very best at what they do or they will be forgotten in a micro second or go unnoticed altogether.

American sports fans have set the bar of excellence to a height that most international athletes simply cannot hope to reach.

There is nothing wrong with the game of soccer; it can thrill fans and have them on the edge of their seats, but it can also be a frustrating game for Americans due to it being able to end in a tie. We simply cannot view a game here that may not have a decisive outcome. We have to have a winner.

Americans do not relate to a game that is called football everywhere else but here. To us football means the National Football League and no other game is true football unless there is a real football used.

I suspect that most American sports fans look at soccer as the feminine football game where real men are absent and only girly men are playing.

It will not take long for the mainstream media to realize their mistake in promoting their latest soccer blitz when ratings indicating the lack of interest by the American public shove its low numbers in their faces.

It all boils down to money made during sporting events and the lack of interest will surely become known when advertising costs outweigh the sales that were hoped for.

Most NFL games shown during the week in an average season will out rate World Cup soccer at championship games.

In the mean time I’m enjoying watching the American tradition of baseball, which always has to have a winner and the World Series is always played here in North America.



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