America The Ugly Needs a Facelift

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Early America was a place for many Countries people to come to get out of debt. Today it is a place where all Nations live and work together. Our History has been distorted. There is much prejudice here and it is being taught to children. Who can help where they are born or the color of their skin? Yet America has less prejudice than most Countries.

My ancestors were Irish from the Irish Potato famine and came here as servants. This was on my Father’s side. Americans do not call them the fighting Irish for nothing. Yes some of us have the red hair and freckles also known as angel kisses. Some of my ancestors are buried in County Down Ireland. Their names were Reed and Reid. They were also of German and Dutch descent. Hence the family Name Ogle which was my Father’s middle name. His Grandfather was named Allie Baker which is a Jew Name and they were from Illinois. He moved to Oklahoma and owned a large wheat farm.

On Mother’s side there were the English named Barnes, White and Weaver and Whitehead and White which is a Jew or English name. They were French and Welch too. Her Father was a postmaster. He lived in Oklahoma when it was still a territory and not a state. He lived in a dugout during the Great Depression and knew many survival techniques.He also was an inventor of many gadgets including the seal the notary public persons use today I think.Her Mother was a writer. Her name was Mignon Kezia Weaver.Barnes. She worked alongside Mr. Barnes in a large Oklahoma grain mill and did babysitting in her home for three children, sang in a church choir and read her Bible all the time and was a woman of prayer. My parents were Christians and both children of early American Baptist and Methodist preachers.Mother’s name was Marguerite Irene which is French and Hebrew so I am very much a sixth generation American and I do not like the way this Country is going. My parents died of neglect at the hands of a criminal liar who used all of my family to try to get my parent’s property and money and he did. To this day he has not been charged because of old laws. He out smarted the law and many of the protection systems for elderly in their home. He placed money over life. In other words John neglected my parents to death in a period of two and one half months. He had my Mother and daughter get him out of jail. Family was never told his true criminal history. He then would not let me or my brother or even see our parents. He drugged my daughter so she lost her job in a Federal work place. This criminal named John used local police to tell my brother and I to leave our parent’s home when we were trying to protect them. We were not told about John’s past history. This was very wrong and I am still angry.

I was visiting a Nursing Home recently and a man asked me to play a song on the piano. It was The Old Rugged Cross. We used to sing this in public school until the 1970s. Early America was a Nation of Christians. They hunted for crops and the Native Americas gave them corn which saved many lives. Many were not treated as humans so settlers could steal their land. The first Thanksgiving settlers and Indians celebrated the Settlers survival honoring the Indians. So most Americans today are descended from at least one tribe out of hundreds. Small pox destroyed many as well as polio back then for there were no vaccines. My Grandmother almost died from diptheria and it made all of her hair fall out.One woman in the 1970’s changed America and was considered the most hated person in America. Her name was O’Hair and she started the American Atheist Society.This was when a minority vote in Congress became a law that affected all the United States for the worse I think.. The Ten Commands which are Divine Laws were taken out of the classroom. We knew if we were male or female. We had separate classes for exercise so the females would not be embarrassed and compete with males. We wanted to learn and respected out teachers. We followed rules. G-d has rules to follow too. Many humans do not like this.

In about 2010,instead of raising taxes a slight bit the current President and Congress lowered them making Social Security go broke sooner. This fund was for elderly Americans and politicians stole it. Congress could have given about 2,000 dollars to every American man woman and child but they choose to give it to banks which spent it and made bad home mortgage loans. Now they are doing the same thing again. People are not getting jobs or the American dream. They are becoming homeless while illegals and foreigners take from this Country and send American dollars to their home Country while Congress looks the other way. I asked myself. How long one of them could last living in the barrio?

Fear the evil of the Mexican Drug Lords was in the News because they want your children, where are the American Fathers who need to teach their children that there are people in this World who put glass and bug spray into the illegal drugs they sell you for your money so you can get a better high?

Of course many other Countries want to destroy America. They want to take and not give. Check out the movie Slum Dog Millionaire. We have given away our jobs and the American Dream for the Almighty Dollar. Then California offers an education to illegals. My American daughter cannot afford to finish one course to complete her four year degree because her ex husband was beating on her when she was in college with a new baby who had health problems. Our good men and women are G-d knows where. Anything goes. Mother expects strangers at a daycare to raise their children and then wonder and complain because they do not act right. Men acting like teenagers going out for fun daily with the boys and not being men at all. They are not being the providers and protectors of their family and do not want to make sure their children have a home, food shelter and an education. Many Countries place a high priority on education for their children and being respectful to elders. They think Americans are weak and uneducated.

Now the media is too negative most Americans do not even watch the news.Working people are too busy and many have two jobs.Protestors getting arrested just cost more tax dollars.Homeless people try to get into jail for three hots and a cot. Would someone please ask them to read the United State Constitution? Would someone tell the protestors to invest in another bank? Are they able to read? Can they even think? They are fussing about people who are rich with money. Most of them inherited their money and did not do it illegally. They must be jealous. Democrats are encouraging the protests to get the current president reelected. If there is a revolution chances are a new administration would be worse than what we have history shows from World History. Two years ago Wall Street was given 700 billion dollars to bail out the banks and Wall Street. Now Our current leaders are encouraging the protest of the same people they helped. America you need a facelift.Depressions and recessions are good for rich people. Poor suffer more and this is not good for all. It hurts American values.Wars are expensive in lives and money but are good business.Peace would help people and other living things.Wars squander the Worlds resources.All the energy and oils are wasted in a war. Things are not built but destroyed.If they had spent this money to help Afghanistan or American economy we would have all been better off. Build or destroy this Earth. We are the care takers of this planet as humans. How are we doing?

I met some poor illegals here in America. They have documents made up to get car titles that are fake because they do not understand the English and do not want to get deported.Some make purses and stuff and sew in false labels to make money to stay here. This hurts the economy too. How can each of us be a part of the solution to make America better? Not with overpopulation and pollution. Large cities cause loss of self and unthinking people.Overcrowding causes fighting and psychological problems.

When I see people in Authority drunk in the media I lose all respect for them.Why? Because leaders are to be the best examples for society. When I see a woman stay married to a cheating man I lose respect for her because she did not care if he gave her a disease and this is a poor example for any leader.It makes marriage look cheap.Two men or two women cannot have a marriage because it is perverse.Marriage was instituted by our Creator not mankind. It is to be sacred. Two men cannot have normal sex.Nor can two women and this is taught to out children as normal behavior even in our public schools.If a person lusts after the same sex let them not try to corrupt others and they do. I do not condone it.I do not know any of these political leaders personally and I do not want to. They are a shame to all of us when they are flaunting skin and things that were wrong in America’s past. I believe they are too young to even know what they are doing.Every action has consequences.Prevention is better than a cure.

Lately the bully stuff is in the media. All this talk about please do not hurt me with your words is just silly. Bully for you and bully for me. The weak do not survive. Go tell a Country that hates America there words hurt you and see if they care.People are like chickens. They have a pecking order.

America needs to make quality products again and stop being a buy this economy.
America needs to stop being a people pleasing Nation and attempt to be  One Nation Under One G-d again.

We are told to fear this and that and stay at home because another attack will come. Why aren’t Americans in power doing their job? If the first time New York was hit there had been more force 9/11 would never have happened.
Politicians who go into office with a small amount of money and come out with millions. The American people are not blind. This couple was young and greedy. Politicians are to be servants to the people they represent, not thieves. These need to be voted out of office.They  never were statesmen. They are tax dollar funded users.
Other Countries are laughing at you America behind your back.

No guts and no Glory America. If you personally want to be like other Countries then go and live there. Or continue on the wrong path.You will find over population and pollution and people working themselves to death. You will become a Nation of Idol worshipers. Gold and wood  cannot help you when you pray and bow to them because they are not alive or even real. Then you will find oppression. Then you will find children who get their features mutilated so they can beg from Strangers while their parents buy a nice home with your money like many other Countries do.
America needs a facelift and not because we are getting an older population.Hopefully older means wiser and more life experience.Hopefully America will survive and learn to play well with others.


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