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Anonymous Good Deeds

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Have you ever done a good deed and didn’t tell anybody about it? I sometimes do good deeds and keep them under wraps. I don’t mean to say I am fanatic do-gooder lurking to spring to someone’s aid; just if the opportunity arises, I will do a good deed for someone and keep it to myself. It’s harder than it sounds. I talk to my family every day and share my life, but some things I keep secret.


I’m not sure when I adopted this particular quirk. I do remember years back there was a popular bumper sticker that said something about practicing random acts of beauty or maybe it was random acts of kindness; either way, it appealed to me. I also will do a good deed and share it. But the secret ones I really feel good about. When I do the good deed and the recipient asks how they can thank me, I tell them to pass it along. I hope a small act of kindness will reverberate across the spectrum of life. I have been helped many times in my life by strangers and this is a way to pay that back. Try it.


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