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Are the “Undecideds” Unforthcoming?

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Ringing doorbells in a Philadelphia suburb to determine who’ll be supporting Obama affirmed that middle-class workers, with a history of repeatedly being laid off, many holding two jobs to make ends meet, are conversant with the issues and looking to Obama to make positive changes.

Those in the more affluent area, some with McCain/Palin signs on their (still) well-manicured lawns, are more likely to be voting Republican despite what could fairly be characterized as eight years of an abusive relationship that culminated in having their bank accounts emptied out.

We’d been encouraged to follow up with those identifying themselves as undecided. Most seemed hesitant when we questioned them about their issues, telling us:

“I just don’t think he’s ready.”

“He may tax us.”

“I’m worried he’ll ruin our country.”

They seemed less undecided than unwilling to be forthright. Why would they vote against their own interests? We began to suspect maybe they’re the ones not ready for this candidate.

Canvassing affirmed the concern that in 2008 there’s good reason to distrust what voters are telling pollsters.

Despite Obama’s apparent gains, it’s important we all do everything we can in the swing states.


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