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Ayurveda and Family

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There is an ancient Indian principle that says if you want to check if your rice is ready, then you just test a few grains. The grains are representative of the status of the entire pot of rice.

So, if we want to check on the status of our society, we can look at a few families, as representative of society as a whole. Ayurveda says that we are born with a peaceful and loving mind. When we are raised in an affectionate and nurturing home, then we can bring that love and peace with us out into society and help the world merely by being ourselves.

In our fast-paced culture we sometimes forget about how important it is to come together as a family. Our homes might have a family room, but how often do we use it? Everyone has his own computer, TV, cell phone, and schedule, and we’re going in different directions all the time. We need to remember to connect. Eating a meal together daily gives us food for our souls as well as our bodies. Serving together by helping our community’s sets a great example for our children, and feels good, too.

Support each other, love each other, and appreciate each other. Being an integral part of a healthy family helps us to function more efficiently on five levels: body, mind, senses, emotions, and spirit.

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