Bad People Need to Watch Their Email Contacts

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Over the weekend I got an email via LinkedIn from someone whose name looked familiar. After two seconds I remembered exactly who this was, my old tenant, who ruined my condo. The email said “Jane, I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.” Professional network of people you completely screwed over? And tricked! And could care less about . . .

Obviously, there must be some sort of automated email address fetching mechanism that just sends out this email to everyone in their address book. I don’t think this person is that stupid that they would want to include me. Especially after the nasty letter I wrote them. Unless they need someone to attest to the fact that yes, this person is a really good liar! This person and her family is also really good at turning a perfectly nice place into an uninhabitable putrid toxic dump in just five months.

Thanks to this person and her family I could no longer rent out the condo. I had to rip out the entire 1400 square feet of carpet because they had cats, dogs, birds and more dogs with puppies. These pets lived with their humans in my condo on the third floor where I agreed that they could have one dog. These people had two teenage children. (Free labor). No one in this family liked to take out the dogs to use the bathroom. I doubt they changed the kitty litter so the cats used the entire floor space as their kitty box.

The vile state of the condo was only discovered by me after I had to kick them out for not paying rent on time or in the right amount. As soon as I set foot in the entryway, my eyes began to burn. There was the stench of cat urine and it was at toxic levels. There was no way a person could be inside with the windows shut. How could this happen?

It is because I was too nice. When I met with them originally, they let me know of many hardships, which I can understand. I thought they went through some rough times with disease and job loss. However, sometimes I think that bad stuff happens to bad people. They were basically operating in a lie.

I have found that for myself, when I look back at things that didn’t work out, it is generally because of this. Even my condo was part of this too. I was operating from a lie that was, I can afford this condo. Then later, when I had tenants, they too had this “lie” that created a huge financial problem for them and me. (Maybe this is global?)

It turned out that at this very time my marriage was about to fall apart. (The marriage too had begun with lies.) I was not able to purchase carpet for the concrete floors. No way would anyone live there! So rather than foreclosure, I had to short sell it. Which it sold in two months, thankfully.

I don’t know if I can even call the people who could live in putrescence bad people. Let’s say that they are people operating in a system of lies and somehow the energy of the untruth wreaks havoc on all.


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