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Bailing Out Ed McMahon or the USA?

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It was stunningly surprising to hear that anyone with Ed McMahon’s long-time earning power could be broke, failing to make payments on the six-bedroom house he’d bought once valued at $7 million and defaulting on loans.

How could there be enough hours in a day to deplete the vast fortune he’d garnered bellowing, “Heeeeeere’s Johnny” and “How hot was it?” He was also making commercials to supplement his more than respectable salary. Even if he spent every free moment shopping on Rodeo Drive and ordering from the Home Shopping Network, it’s hard to conceive of going through that fortune.

Both Donald Trump and Jimmy Kimmel rushed to his rescue, Trump by offering to buy Mc Mahon’s home and acting as landlord, Kimmel by getting Ed a gig as pitchman for Pontiac cars.

Though I’d never heard, “As Ed McMahon goes, so goes the nation,” our country was next to go into deficit, and we’re being asked to kick in $700 billion.

Donald, Jimmy, is the country less deserving than Johnny Carson’s sidekick? How about you take care of this?


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